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Bob Young left Red Hat, for self-publishing firm LuLu.com

I am surprised to know that Red Hat Inc. co-founder and former CEO Bob Young, has resigned from the company he co-founded, and plan to concentrate on Lulu.com, an independent online self-publishing marketplace he started three years ago.
Like Bill Gates to Microsoft, Larry Ellison to Oracle, or Michael Dell to Dell, Bob Young is inseparable to Red Hat Inc, the pioneer in the Open Source software industry. Red Hat Inc is currently profitable and ranks first in enterprise Linux market share.
Young said that one of the reasons he's leaving the Red Hat board is because it was taking too much time away from the development of his new project.
Lulu is a new on-line self-publishing company, it allows authors to upload works free to the Internet in a variety of media formats, where its collaborative publishing engine instantaneously transforms them into published products that can be used for collaboration, or purchased as traditional bound books, CD-ROMs, or e-Books.
My take on this? On-line self-publishing is the next frontier of human knowledge advancement.

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