Self-publishing defy world's worst disease

Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbe magazine, blogged here explains why zero-sum thinking is "the sickest thinking and the source of human misery throughout the ages "; and due to ordinary people's daily optimism and creative actions, "history overwhelmingly refutes these ideas". He went on to say many creative minds operate out-side of the zero-sum game, for example, facing difficulties of publishing books the old way ,

"the most energetic, original and positive writing has been migrating to the Web and to blogs. No surprise here. Anybody who creates a blog is: (a) an entrepreneur and thus probably NOT a zero-sum thinker; (b) a producer first and a consumer second. These two attributes alone guarantee that the blogger probably has a more accurate view of the world, and how it really works, than does the zero-sum thinker toiling away at his Mainstream Media position."
Well said!


The difficulty of publishing an old-fashioned book

According to Brian Hill & Dee Power, authors of "The making of a bestseller", there are about 490 new titles are now published every day in US. However, it is believed that less than 1 in 100 books that are submitted for publication actually end up in the print; some experts place it at 1 in 1,000 books.
This difficulty come from the financial bottom-line. It has been estimated that only 10% of books published ever end up selling enough copies to earn back the advance paid to the author.
There are 24 million people in the US describe themselves as creative writers, but less than 5% of these writers have ever published - the old way, that is.