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Self-publishing defy world's worst disease

Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbe magazine, blogged here explains why zero-sum thinking is "the sickest thinking and the source of human misery throughout the ages "; and due to ordinary people's daily optimism and creative actions, "history overwhelmingly refutes these ideas". He went on to say many creative minds operate out-side of the zero-sum game, for example, facing difficulties of publishing books the old way ,

"the most energetic, original and positive writing has been migrating to the Web and to blogs. No surprise here. Anybody who creates a blog is: (a) an entrepreneur and thus probably NOT a zero-sum thinker; (b) a producer first and a consumer second. These two attributes alone guarantee that the blogger probably has a more accurate view of the world, and how it really works, than does the zero-sum thinker toiling away at his Mainstream Media position."
Well said!

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