Two well known book blog projects

Some people start blogging long before they decided to make a book out of their blog, this kind of blog is called blog book, or blook. Other people start blogging with writing a book in mind. This kind of blog is called book blog. Currently, the two well known book blog projects in the blogsphere are (1) John Battell's 'The Search", and (2) Chris Anderson's "The long tail" .

John Battell started his blog in 2003, focusing on Google the company, and internet search in general. In Sept. 2005, he turned his blog into a book, which was rated as one of the best business book of the year by many.

John Battell acknowledged the comments and other feedback from his blog are organic part of his book. He put many of the book excerpts as his blog entries in the process.

Chris Anderson started put his thought on the 'Long Tail' phenomena into his blog in April 2005, and just finished the book's manuscript in Jan 2006. Chris thanked the comments and feedbacks from his blog, which made his project and the book possible.