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Blurb - a new self-publishing start-up

Blurb, a new comer in the book self-publishing industry, made a news flash in the prestigious DEMO 2006 conference this month. It focus on turning people's blog or other web media into books. Blurb is currently in late stage BETA, with general availability planned for early March.
Blurb CEO and founder Eileen Gittins said "Already we can create our own iMovies, blogs, Podcasts, and playlists in no time. Why not books? At Blurb, we're bringing publishing in line with those dreams and expectations."
What makes Blurb unique will be their free flagship software, called 'BookSmart'. I may write a review on it later. Stay turned.

An interesting site, i am thinking of making a "journal"; well putting together a book out of journals. Don't know how to bind them for example. Maybe you can help me.
Blurb have stopped accounting(??) but not sure how it works.

Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP

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