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Self-publish book, Adsense, and monetization of blog

Some of us start up our blogs in our niche, slap on some AdSense ads in all the right hotspots, and secretly hope that the money rolling in. Then we wake up from your “passive income” dreaming and to the reality that it’s not money rolling in, it’s a few dribbles of coin.
The reality is, we will be lucky to cover our online expenses with AdSense, let alone make a decent living from it. You probably know Jeff Jarvis, the pioneer journalist in the blogsphere and owner of BuzzMachine blog. For the last quarter of 2005, his income from Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network combined was less then $168.64 . This number probably set the limit for most average bloggers like you and me.
Technically speaking, we are living on a thread and on the whims of advertisers and Google. Think about it: one slight change of direction from Google in regards to AdSense could cripple the whole professional blogging scene. What happens if click fraud gets out of hand and advertisers stop doing business with Google? What happens if the only way to make decent money from AdSense (ie: blogs on products) become so over-saturated that they dilute earnings for all? What happens if Google twist their search engine algorithm again, and all your hard SEO work goes backwards? It is my observation that most bloggers have dangerously placed their eggs in the one basket: AdSense.
So, how can a blogger, who’s picked a niche, made themselves somewhat of an expert in it, monetize their blog besides Adsense? One obvious way is to try several other types of advertisement programs; another way, which is being tried out only by very few, is to think blog as a book (to be published), as well as the marketing media for the book at the same time. Here is one beautiful example of doing this.

Thank you very much for this information! I didn't know that Adsense pays so little!


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