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Three self published blooks from LuLu.com

1) this blog book contains a thick collection of popular theme-based posts no longer available online. These include The Windy Times, Korean Food, Chongak and the Stray Cats and more. Alive with photos, reader comments and a variety of bonus material, this book is made for anyone remotely interested in a foreigner's life in Korea. It charges $14.99 for a book and $4.39 for a download. Not bad at all.

2) this is a personal blog, free of charge. I think this one is too cheap for anyone to get it.

3) a collection of the articles from the popular blog site, vitualis' Medical Rants along with the original source articles. The articles are mostly news items from a biomedical perspective, sometimes technological, at times ethical and on occasion "rage-against-the-system". Great for some light, and not-so-light reading about many new and interesting developments in biomedicine in Oct 2004 to June 2005. A full preview PDF version is available for download. This is the second edition and hardcopy version of this volume. $24.95 per book. Super.

Will this make me a millionaire?

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