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10 journalism tips for bloggers

Spencer Critchley writes 10 good tips for bloggers from journalist's point of view.
The best piece of advice I think is "whatever your subject, write about people, physical objects and actions", since "these are what engage the imagination and the emotions, and concentrating on them has the added benefit of aiding clarity. Avoid abstractions, generalities, jargon and clich├ęs".
Another advice I will take to my heart is "look for the heat in your subject", as "appeal is emotional, not intellectual". To write good blogs, one need to "look for what people will really care about in your content and use that as a guide".
Here is another good advice: "identify interests". "Good journalists have to assume that everyone, even people they like, may be lying".

This are a really interesting inciative or experiment.

I'm going to tell that to a partner who studies a journalism master with me, who makes good storys.

My best whishes for yor blog.

Madrid. Spain.


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