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Tom Evslin and his blook

Today I bought the hardcover edition of novel hackoff.com: an historic murder mystery set in the Internet bubble and rubble from Amazon. Eight months ago, I read the online version of first chapter of the book and enjoyed the experience. Hackoff.com is truly a blook(book published via the blog) written by Tom Evslin. For those of you who are not aware of Tom, here is a little background I found on him at A VC.
Tom was one of the first successful Macintosh software developers, sold his company to Microsoft, oversaw the development of the first versions of Back Office, Outlook and Exchange. He then went to AT&T where he got them into the Internet and invented flat rate pricing for dial-up internet access, and then finally to ITXC where he invented commercial grade VOIP. As can be seen, Tom is an innovator and he is continuing to innovate in his new career, writing books.
His book hackoff.com is different than any books you ever seen. Tom is making the blog part of an overall reading experience, an essential part of reading the book. Hackoff.com is a murder mystery set during the internet bubble. Murder mysteries such as this inevitably get people talking: Whodunnit? Publishing a book of this genre in blook format is a great idea because the links, comments and discussions will be an essential part of the reading experience. The blog format has also allowed Tom to leverage the power of the audience through an RSS feed and e-mail list that will deliver the newest chapters directly to your aggregator/reader or inbox as soon as they are published. However, the interactivity doesn't stop there. Tom has numerous blogrolls for people who link to the blook in their posts, maintain a constant link via services like Word of Blog, write reviews of Hackoff.com, and post about blooks in general. He has also set up a fake company website for Hackoff.com which will hold company press releases and other data to enhance the reading experience. All of this makes Hackoff.com a really unique reading experience. Try it.

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