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And the winners are ...

Julie Powell is the Overall Winner of The 2006 Blooker Awards !
According to judge Cory Doctorow (of BoingBoing and Wired Mag fame) :
"Those who dismiss blogging as 'mere' confessional writing and complaining about one's day job fail to appreciate just how engrossing those genres can be when handled by a talented writer like Julie Powell. The story of how blogging and - writing in public - changed Powell's life is inspirational and memorable."
In other category, the Fiction Winner goes to "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" by Cherie Priest and the Comics Winner goes to "Totally Boned" by Zach Miller.

i dream of being published every single day. the only writing i do is my blog, but i wish more than anything that i could do more... i stumbled onto your blog tonight and i can't wait to peruse...

your blog is a real eye-opener.
as a newsprint cartoonist since 1973 who now concentrates on blogging, i had not considered the idea of using the blog to enter another part of the dead-tree world.

thanx for the info,
great stuff
Dry Bones
Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Bravo on this blog...

I'm bookmarking you.



Excellent, love it! »

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