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Seven basic kinds of blogs

Nora Paul, director of the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota, offered a taxonomy of 7 (in bold, listed below) basic kinds of blogs. I added my comments (in Italic) to the list:
1) Personal diarists
Most bloggers fit into this. They share their daily activities, observations and thoughts with the world, profound or mundane. Many published blooks are from this type of blog.
2) Family networkers
Moms, coaches, boy scout Den leaders, etc. like to use this kind communication to keep family/team members up to date on what's happening.
3) Early responders:
Many technical gadget lovers belong to this group. They follow trends closely, to the edge, like to share their discoveries with the world. When time comes, many also are eyewitnesses to major news as it happens, such as Hurricane Katrina, London subway bombings and Asian tsunami. A lot of photos are typically used in those blogs.
4) Hunter-gatherers:
On-line niche community builders.
5) Agenda blogs:
For people with strong political and ideological standpoints. Several blooks were out of agenda blogs so far.
6) PR/corporate communications blogs:
More and more companies are doing this.
7) Newsroom blogs:
News columns providing quick, routine news reporting with brief insights. Many commercial products blogs and celebs gossip blogs can be classified as this group as well.
Another type of blog I think desearve its own class called "personal project blogs". Many blogger use them to ducument processes and results of personal projects (truth searching, information collections, story telling etc.). I saw quite few published blooks based personal project blogs.

Blogs are great! Anyone can now publish their work instantly.

Oh, what a novel idea. A few
months ago, I was content to
swap jokes with friends, and
a pal in the Mojave Desert
insisted that I write a Blog

No idea what he was saying!
I'm 81, February 11, and he
persisted. Wrote first one
Jan 05, 2006."Snake Hunters"

Do you believe it rates a
booklet? reb

this is a very intersesting blog (blah::::::blah right?) wait... I am currently writing an honours minor thesis at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia on New Journalism, and the conclusion will contain questions (and hopefully answers) on whether 'blogging in the new journalism?' ????????????


I am so glad I came across this blog -- it had never occured to me that a litle blog could grow into something that could be published.

thank you for all the useful info.

I am also indeed very happy that i had the opportunity to come across this blog.
In fact, I also noticed one thing - the more you blog, the more you become the master in your own domain (like you've said before)
Nevertheless, I am not sure in which category my blog may belong. You gave me a bit to think about. I can not say that it is a rather personal blog (though at some points it is) but it's something where I put my own creativity & works. May haps it is Category nr 1 yet I am not quite sure.
In fact, I want to thank you for the information provided in this blog.
I, personally, found it useful.
Thanx again.

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