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Top five reasons you should self-publish your blook

1) after 2-3 years of hard work on your blog, you will likely become an expert in your domain, your knowledge deserve to be systematically organized and published, and shared by broader range of people who might not familiar with your blog;
2) you have a distinct advantage over traditional authors: you already have a dedicated following of readers; and your blog provides the perfect free forum for letting people know about you blook; in another word, there has been a market campaigning running for your blook since your blog existed;
3) nowadays, once get published, your blook will have a good chance being known from every corner of the world. People will find your blook through Amazon's book search engine, if not through Google; People read the book will likely bookmark it on the social bookmarking sites such as del.icies.us, so more people will know it;
4) traditional big publisher will not publish you blook. Your topic may be too narrow for them,
there may be many other better known authors in front of you;
5) through digital and print-on-demand technology, modern self-publishing is relatively easy, fast and inexpensive. Lulu has a place on its web site that provides a way for bloggers to instantly publish their own blook. Amazon and similar sites are finding ways to work with bloggers to make their blooks more accessible and profitable.
On one side, majority of people (one survey say it is about 60% - 70% of reader) still want to buy/see physical copies of books; on another side, people want free information whenever they can. It is hard to predict how financially successful your blook will be, but the downside is minimum. You do, however, will expand your influence through your blook.

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