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When to self-publish your blog ?

One big advantage of blogging is that you know when to publish it - the time when you receive high number of reader comments and web links.
Blogger Julie Powell down on her luck as a secretary in Queens, NY and decided to blog-u-ment her crazy scheme to cook more than 500 Julia Child recipes in one year. Her blogging struck a chord with readers and heavy commenting on her posts was not unusual - you often see 40 - 50 comments per post. Although there are only 201 sites linked to her blog (not a high number) based on the Technorati count as of today, the activity around her blog lead to some media coverage, and she soon found herself signing a book deal with Little, Brown and Company, and had her book published in Sept. 2005. Julie Powell's blog/book is also one of the finalists of 2006 Lulu Blooker Prize (see my previous entry).

Great blog,

Some day i will write some flamable frantic funky stuff that waggers your soul.

I would like to write about about my profession as a designer, employee, my future visions and my common life.

How does one become a popular writer.

Martijn Fransen

Hello from Portugal!!
My name is Manel and i think that your blog is great.
If you want take a look to mine(www.batalhadeestrelas.blogspot.com

Waiting your visit:

I think the blog, as a medium, is more suited to short posts with a unifeid feel but a diffrent subject in each post.

I see the advantage in eposodic narrative, blogging but you have to catch people at the right time.

Judas Penrose
Poetry Politics and Piracy

I blogged, I published.

thanks for your posts! recently finished a novel as was trying to figure ways to use the blog to help promote it if i end up self-publishing... your post satirred my brain a bit!

I still think that the traditional way of writing/publishing may be the ideal...however, I have a wonderful time in my blog. It is free therapy!

Happy Thursday!

Hello from NYC.

I hope to some day narrow my blog down to a subject that can someday be published.

Ya never know.


Hello, this is a great blog. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! I look forward to reading more posts.

hello !!

Very good blog !

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