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The state of blook self-publishing

Based on a presentation given in the recent Book Industry Study Group conference, the market growth for self-publishing books is in the double-digit range, which is a quite healthy number. Since bloggering/blook is a very recent culture phenomena, blooks probably only represent a small percentage of total numbers of books self-published. I am sure that percentage will increase rapidly in the next few years.
Already, Lulu.com, an online (vanity) self-publishing house, estimates that more than 20% of its 100 top sellers are based on web site and blog entries.
I think it is quite possible that within next few years, a blook equavalent of 'The Da Vinci Code', will be self-published somewhere by somebody. When that tipping point comes, blook self-publishing will become the main stream.

It's about time, someone blogging about blooks. You really have something here. Very informative. I'll be coming back more often!

Interesting indeed. I've self-published my audiocassette and it was a lot of work. My best to you!

Good post I will be back

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