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Think your blog as “book” not “diary"

Guy Kawasaki, a successfully business man, rose to stardom in the blogsphere in just few months of blogging. He posted his first blog entry on Dec. 30th, 2005, now his blog's technorati ranking is #46 (in terms of linking numbers). In my opinion, this is mainly because he has been known as permanent fixture of the IT industry since his days as an evangelist for Apple. But most people would also agree that he is an excellent blogger and marketer.
His recent post The 120 Day Wonder: How to Evangelize a Blog , is a succinct but accurate collection of truisms about blogging and it's marketing. In particular his 1st advice :
"Think "book" not "diary". First, a bit of philosophy: my suggestion is that you think of your blog as a "product." A good analogy is the difference between a diary and a book. When you write a diary, it contains your spontaneous thoughts and feelings. You have no plans for others to read it. By contrast, if you write a book, from day one you should be thinking about spreading the word about it. If you want to evangelize your blog, then think "book" not "diary" and market the heck out of it".
Yes, think your blog as "book" not "diary", and write it as such. If in the future you want to publish or self-publish your blog, you have something already very handy.

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