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A Churchillian challenge for bloggers

Love this.
I'm printing it now and hanging it by my computer.
Your site is inspiring to an unpublished freelancer like me.
But like anything,
it's practice practice practice.
So far my blog has been an exersize in communication...something I learned in theartre that translates to all forms of story telling.

While I admire your sense of populism, do you think it is really wise to encourage people to speak for the sake of speaking. Perhaps they should consider what it is they want to say, and then speak. Or write, to be specific.

The great thing about blogging is that it holds the potential for dialouge. It is fluid and ongoing. Printed publishing does not offer these aspects. While you have a business to run, it seems you might be pushing some birds to fly who lack the wing strength.

But hell...what do I know. I'm just another hack.

I know I'll "never never never shut up". Ever since I discovered blogging, I've been in heaven. Finally there is a chance for me to go on and on without having anyone tell me to shut up. :)

I should send this one to my sister.

She doesn't blog enough.

100 times stronger than
encountering a screen saver saying like this 'Idiot Inside (instead of 'Intel Inside') ' on my friend's computer CRT.
Anyaway...Sir. Churchill will also nod for the PROFOUND message above.^^

Great site, keep up the good work!

I agree w/ Stacey. I never never never shut up! Really! Blogging is my public journal/poetry book! It's a place I can express my feelings!


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