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Blake Schwendiman's blook story

You may have read stories like this many times in my blog: a successful blog leads to audiences, which leads to a book/blook deal and win more audiences, which then leads to financial success. This is now officially a trend.
Blake Schwendiman have already published 2 programming books before, and he's been moonlighting on a novel. He started blogging to market his book to an agent or publisher. He had a few leads, but it's not going anywhere. This week, after thought it through, he decided to put his book "The Agency Delta" on-line for free download. Since his blog have already won some audiences, this act was noticed by many people in the blogsphere quickly. In only 2 days, the book has been downloaded over 1,000 times already.
By putting his novel online for free and encouraging people to read it, email it, blog about it, distribute it on other blogs, etc. there is a hope that more people will eventually spend money buying other publications from Blake. Since it is so competitive in the traditional publishing world, Blake can't find any actual downside in this.
This is another nice blook story in the making. I hope this will eventually leads to a financial success for Blake Schwendiman.

I agree with you. I'm on this line, just triying to do it!! ;-))

I think more and more people are trying to follow this route. I know of one successful blog that has attracted the attention of a top-flight literary agent, just based on the blog. I wonder what the success rate is? My feeling is that quality will win out, regardless of the format.

Are you really referring to yourself in the third person?

I'm better at writing small chunks of attitude at a time... certainly not enough for a book.



this is called vanity publishing

...And everyone has a story to tell.

I wish him great success, too!

I have Blakes link on my blog. I stop by occassionally.

blooks. what a fascinating idea...

my fiction is creating lots of interest too - lordbrownmouse blog/richardaroogablog

I can illustrate for you guys!!

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