Let those who can't publish, publish

Blurb.com, a self-publishing startup, now invite 600 bloggers this week to try out its new service by creating a free bound copy of their blog. Those who participate will get a taste of how to convert their blog into books. In this service, Blurb offer extensive customization options, an e-commerce storefront, and forthcoming tagging and metadata add-ons.
The blog-to-book feature isn't cheap. An 8-by-10 full-color, hardcover book with custom dust jacket costs between $30 and $80.


Bad-girl blook

Any one read enough blogs will know one or two of those bad-girl diarists. Bad-girl diarists are using the web to reveal their sex lives to the online world. They write about sex, work, men, Valentine's Day, cooking, sex, men. Those writings, or sexblogs, often have therapeutical effect for both authors and some reader, and people will always have an interest in sexblogs because sex is something that affects all our lives. The biggest Bad-girl blook story in UK right now is authored by The Girl With a One-Track Mind.