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Bad-girl blook

Any one read enough blogs will know one or two of those bad-girl diarists. Bad-girl diarists are using the web to reveal their sex lives to the online world. They write about sex, work, men, Valentine's Day, cooking, sex, men. Those writings, or sexblogs, often have therapeutical effect for both authors and some reader, and people will always have an interest in sexblogs because sex is something that affects all our lives. The biggest Bad-girl blook story in UK right now is authored by The Girl With a One-Track Mind.

Go VOTE for Whitney Rodriguez :) This is my darling daughter, Whitney. She performed in Las Vegas back in July 2006 in the USA World Showcase. Whitney was 12 years old at the time and is her first really big performance. She won 1st place in the category of “Most Promising Country Music Singer”. This voting determines the winner of $50,000.00 Hear a little bit of her performance: http://www.mtscproductions.com/video/f17.htm http://www.usatvbroadcast.com/vote.htm She is #59 This would really boost her college fund! Pass this email on to your friends and family if you feel the performance warrants it. Thank you in advance for your participation,

Love to all.........

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And I thought I was too personal in my blog. I'm an angel in comparison!

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