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Let those who can't publish, publish

Blurb.com, a self-publishing startup, now invite 600 bloggers this week to try out its new service by creating a free bound copy of their blog. Those who participate will get a taste of how to convert their blog into books. In this service, Blurb offer extensive customization options, an e-commerce storefront, and forthcoming tagging and metadata add-ons.
The blog-to-book feature isn't cheap. An 8-by-10 full-color, hardcover book with custom dust jacket costs between $30 and $80.

Love to all......

Sept 09, 2006

Yes, I believe that I now have
enough material on the blogsite to publish a 200 plus Page Book.

But precisely, what's involved here?



Thanks for this info...

Blog: Writer's Bloc

Read latest Post on the outrageous

Wallace missed the premier chance to nail Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This wily character turned Mike into a
minnow with this question,

'Are you a Zionist or Journalist?'

So, Snake Hunters prepared some questions for the terrorist.



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